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Chef Syrco Bakker

Two Michelin-starred Chef Syrco Bakker embraces his culinary roots in the fertile soil of Bali, Indonesia, with the opening of Syrco BASÈ. Most recently leading Pure C restaurant in The Netherlands and awarded two Michelin stars, he has worked alongside some of the best in the culinary world. Chef Syrco now brings his expertise and experience to Ubud, where his signature creations and culinary collaborations showcase the region’s finest producers and products, all while embracing his Indonesian heritage.


Syrco BASÈ combines Chef Syrco Bakker's culinary vision and values: Traceability, Transparency, and Nature. Traceability in representation and respect across the food chain, Transparency in the cooking process, and Nature in its simplicity. Syrco BASÈ builds sustainable and fair partnerships with producers, farmers, and communities, collaborating and engaging with them on every step of the journey

Syrco BASÈ Ku

Syrco BASÈ Ku offers an intimate dining experience for only fourteen guests. Each meticulously crafted dish and pairing contributes to a larger narrative of flavors and seasonal exploration. Guided by the expertise of Chef Syrco Bakker, this unique symphony of senses unfolds over three hours, transcending traditional dining to create an unforgettable culinary journey.

Wednesday - Saturday | Seating promptly at 18:00

Syrco BASÈ Restaurant

The Syrco BASÈ Restaurant is an immersive two-floor dining space where nature and culinary artistry harmonize. On the ground floor, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows frame the beauty of the natural surroundings while skilled chefs orchestrate a captivating dining experience. Upstairs, a relaxed lounge beckons with aperitifs, a diverse wine selection, mixology, and more. The design, inspired by the metaphor of a tree, seamlessly blends wood, terracotta, and natural textures, celebrating the fusion of art, nature, and culinary excellence.

Open daily from 6.00 pm till late

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Syrco BASÈ Bar

Nestled on the first floor, our BAR at Syrco BASÈ serves as a vibrant focal point. With seating for up to twenty guests, it revolves around a central bar and live kitchen. Here, our talented mixologists and chefs collaborate to redefine the concept of "to something else". This space transcends the ordinary, evolving into a captivating theater of flavors and artistry, offering our guests an up-close view. The synergy of mixology and culinary expertise intertwines with conversations, ensuring that every visit is an unforgettable experience.

Open daily from 5pm till late


Syrco BASÈ Shop

The Shop stands as a tribute to our esteemed partners and suppliers, providing a sustainable platform to showcase their work. Syrco BASÈ thrives on diverse collaborations, and the shop exemplifies the strength that arises from these bonds with local communities. From artisans to growers, our connections span across the island and beyond.

Open daily from 2pm till 00:00

Captivating Moments Gallery